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Fiery February: Your Guide To A Perfect Valentine's Day

There’s nothing quite like feeling like the man who’s got it all for that special person in his life. This Valentine’s Day, with a few simple steps in the right direction you can feel like the Jay Gatsby of your woman’s life (minus the crippling jealousy). This is Fiery February.

1. Manage your stress.

The first step in being better for someone else is taking care of yourself. A 2017 review of erectile dysfunction in young men has suggested that depression and anxiety can result in reduced libido and increased sexual dysfunction. Here are some tips to keep your mind and body right.

- Practice good hygiene -- Regardless of smelling or looking good, keeping your hygiene routines in check produces a mental shift towards more confidence and mental clarity.

- Meditation and mindfulness -- It’s been found that successful men practice daily meditation and/or mindfulness exercises to level their temperament and perspective. Any beginner can find guided exercises on a multitude of apps, such as Headspace or Calm.

- Physical exercise -- As tough it is to get off the couch, physical exercise is a huge part of keeping a healthy sex drive and a clear mind. Plus, a healthy physique won’t hurt your partner’s sex drive either. Having trouble finding the motivation to get to the gym? Capitalize on Testosterone Replacement Therapy from our certified anti-aging and hormone specialists at MadMed.

- Nutritional diet -- a healthy diet is key to more than just a tight stomach. It’s important to keep a clean and effective diet to maintain healthy blood flow, avoid hormone imbalances and keep low stress levels.

- Get a hobby -- All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Whether it’s perfecting your jump shot, keeping a journal or doing some carpentry, it’s important to have an opportunity each day to focus on what makes you happy and relaxed.

2. Keep your relationship healthy.

Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to show your significant other how important they are in your life. However, a truly healthy relationship doesn’t need a day in the calendar to keep things exciting. Here are some easy tips to keep it fun:

- Set time aside each day to dedicate to your partner -- Whether it’s watching a TV show or going for a walk, a little quality time each day with your partner helps improve communication and maintain healthy boundaries between your separate lives and your relationship.

- Plan activities and experiences to share together -- As fun as a day in bed together can be, this can cause your relationship to get stale and boring. Planning a day of activities that require a little effort helps foster the emotional part of your relationship, which in turn translates back into the bedroom.

- Practice open communication -- Don’t leave space for any petty interaction or a sense of distrust. The more calm and clear communication, the easier it becomes to work through conflict and maintain peace.

3. Focus on experiences.

Don’t just go through the motions, keep it exciting and unpredictable

- Make a night of it -- A nice date night twice a month will make it easy to maintain a fresh, exciting and challenging relationship. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a night that shows that you still care.

- Take it slow -- Don’t see your relationship as part of a routine or as a responsibility. It’s easy to get stuck going through the motions with someone after a long time, so always be looking for new ways to strengthen the bond with your partner.

- Focus on what they want, and you’ll get what you want -- No one likes a selfish person, whether in the workplace or at home. It’s always a give and take, so simple tasks or signs of affection are always a great way to show your appreciation.

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