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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for Women

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for Women

Have a lady in your life who loves anything and everything wellness-related? Does a woman in your life prefer something fitness-oriented as opposed to makeup or wine (or maybe wine too -- or maybe the woman in your life would like all three!). If you have a lady in your life who is active and enjoys the outdoors, nature or hiking, then you’ve come to the right place for some gift inspiration! While candles and lotion from Bath and Body Works are always classic gift ideas, they don’t have much practicality for long, durable use (aside from the undeniable relaxation a scented candle and a hot bath can bring!). 

Socks are Better Gifts Than People Give Them Credit For!

For every pair of Bombas Running Ankle socks you purchase for the woman (or women -- sisters, mothers, wives, friends and more!) in your life, another pair gets donated to the homeless! Not only that, but the Bombas socks are specifically designed for ultimate comfort -- say goodbye to blisters and uncomfortable pain. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable. Furthermore, just because a gift is on the cheaper side, doesn’t mean it’s not a good gift! 

Even something as simple as an Under Perfect Armour Headband 2.0 can be beneficial--especially if you know any ladies who like to run but their hair gets in their faces constantly.

Here are Some Ultimate Practical Gifts for the Holidays!

While some of these items are a bit pricier than the ones listed above, we truly feel that each gift idea is absolutely worth it. If your lady is an avid traveler or hiker, why not purchase her a hammock? That way, wherever she is, she can set it up and lay down to take a nap with no discomfort. Try out this ENO DoubleNest Hammock. For those who like yoga or who might be interested in a spontaneous session while exploring the outdoors, a Pro Travel Yoga Mat is necessary--don’t forget to include the slap band

Know someone who enjoys skiing? Sweaty Betty Ski Base Layer Tops are a must have for the avid skier. Relating to clothes, a pair of soft, stretchy and sparkly High Waisted Leggings that are durable and flexible is SO important. If you want to be bold--purchase this sporty Exercise Dress or these leopard/zebra themed Good American Electric Feel Bike Shorts! If you really want to go all out and complete the outfit, you can always purchase the Mountain Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt or the Pippa Packable Puffer Jacket before topping it all off with a new pair of Knit Sneakers from Cariuma.

Does the Woman in Your Life Love Anything Tech?

It’s always important to take into consideration the person’s interests and passions when gift hunting. A generic gift is nothing compared to something that is more personalized or catered towards the person’s likes. A nice pair of Relays Sports Wireless Headphones are perfect for excessive amounts of movement (those suckers won’t fall out of your ears no matter how much you jump around!). 

It is our hope that this quick gift guide will give you some inspiration when looking for the perfect gift for that particular person in your life. It’s not always an easy task but try not to overthink it or stress out too much -- the people in your life will appreciate the amount of thought you put into their gift. Good luck, and have a wonderful holiday!


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