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How Men Can Improve Their Health Without Hitting The Nail Salon

It’s about time that men as a whole become more informed on little things they can do to improve their overall health. We’re not here to overwhelm men with ideas; this article is all about providing men with minute daily tasks that can be done in order to improve their health -- ideas that women probably already integrate into their personal care regimens.

Why do men have trouble taking care of themselves?

It’s not a secret that research indicates men typically have shorter lifespans in comparison to their female counterparts. Generally, men don’t cater to their bodies by going to a spa, getting a facial, getting mani-pedis, etc. Women, generally speaking, are more attentive to their bodies and consistently aware of how they are feeling. Men often overlook what their bodies may be trying to tell them because there is a form of pressure on them to be tough and the majority of them lack that self-awareness. They become strenuous on their bodies but simultaneously feel as though they need to show how resilient they can be; therefore, they over exercise or overeat or drink to excess.

With that being said, naturally there are exceptions -- men who take care of themselves and their bodies -- but as for the ones who feel a constant pressure to be ‘masculine’ and always feel they need to essentially prove something, what can they implement into their lives for a healthy change that goes deeper than hitting the nail salon for a pedicure and an eyebrow wax?

What can men do in order to make a change?

First and foremost, the change comes within you; harboring that self-realization is the first step towards making beneficial changes. Admittance and realization are extremely vital in regards to taking big steps and making progress. Realizing that there are more things that can be done aside from enjoying a day of pampering is important.

Self-awareness is key. Men need to be more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and what they are experiencing on a daily basis. It seems as though stress levels get high easily and there is an abundance of over-exertion in terms of exercise/eating/drinking/etc.

All in all, men need to obtain the self-awareness needed in order to really think about prospective decisions. That self-awareness correlates with any potential over-exertion. The next time they want to run six miles, maybe they will really listen to their body and mind -- “Do I really need to do this right now? Is my body feeling up to it?” Deciding not to do something because your body is instructing you not to despite any added pressure and expectations is taking the power back, and so is approaching any future decision-making in their lives with a more in depth mindset. Remaining calm and pausing when making decisions results in rational, well-thought out outcomes.

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