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How to Avoid Getting Sick During the Fall

What can you do to prevent getting sick as your body adjusts to the colder weather? Find out below!

1. Are there solutions?

People are more prone to sickness during the colder months so it’s important to take precautions. Get your flu shot if necessary, take vitamins, stay warm, etc. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep and nutrients.

2. Both Vitamin D and Zinc are important.

Depending on where you live, sunlight is not always an option. It’s essential that you’re getting Vitamin D somehow as it improves your mood and immunity--most importantly, Vitamin D prevents sickness.

Additionally, Zinc helps to prevent colds (it also alleviates symptoms of an existing cold).

3. Keep it spicy!

Believe it or not, spicy foods have lots of benefits. For those who are fans of hot cheetos, you may be in luck. When sick, spicy foods help warm up an otherwise colder body temperature. Specifically, ginger, cayenne and cinnamon are great spices to add to your meals. Ginger also alleviates upset stomachs and helps with breathing.

Lastly, IV injections and vitamin boosters are other options to look into. Always do extensive research and visit a professional doctor.

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