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Is Functional Medicine For You?

Is Functional Medicine For You?

If you are a fan of a more thoroughly-based approach to medicine, then Functional Medicine will be beneficial for you! Functional Medicine is defined as a more thoroughly conducted medicinal approach that aims to pinpoint the root cause of the illness. This approach to medicine is considered more modernized than other medicinal approaches and it allows a much closer relationship between the patient and the doctor. Due to this detail-oriented approach, underlying health issues that may have otherwise never been uncovered are revealed.

These questions, heavily based upon your environment and other factors, help to determine any factors that may have contributed to potential illness. Due to this personalized approach, you are considered AN ACTUAL HUMAN to your doctor -- not just another patient. A more functional approach to medicine really takes a deep dive into the patient’s psyche and lifestyle -- it addresses additional factors in your present or past that may have contributed to a potential deterioration in health. 

What are the benefits of Functional Medicine?

Primarily, the main benefit that Functional Medicine provides is a close doctor/patient relationship and the possibility of discovering ailments you would have otherwise not been able to find without going into depth. Functional Medicine utilizes more current and effective tactics, replacing the outdated medicinal models in the past. Lastly, Functional Medicine implements a more modernized approach in science as well as a deeper knowledge on how the additional factors (environmental, lifestyle, etc.) promote various illnesses and diseases.

What’s the verdict?

If you like the idea of a more thorough approach to medicine, which involves you being open and honest, then Functional Medicine may be the right fit for you! Since the process covers every aspect of your life that could lead to possible health issues, it can be an exhausting experience -- so make sure that you’re up for it! Functional Medicine is exactly what it says -- functional. Though the process can be lengthy, it’s worth it in the long run because both the doctor and the patient find out more about what’s occurring than they otherwise would have in a quick and speedy checkup. Lastly, make sure that you choose the right doctor for you.


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