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IV Therapy for the Traveling Man

What is the purpose of IV therapy?

First and foremost, excessive traveling often leads to dehydration, and it definitely doesn’t help that planes themselves are considered dry and dehydrating. Additionally, traveling is exhausting and oftentimes avid travelers have jam-packed schedules, making it difficult for them to find the time to eat healthy foods, hydrate and get proper sleep.

Transitioning to a new timezone, culture and environment can also cause a lot of stress on the body and it can be an adjustment. IV therapy is used by travelers for a multitude of reasons, but IV therapy primarily contains a lot of benefits such as a cleanse of toxins within the body, reduced stress, hormone balance, healthier, glowing skin, an immunity boost and, naturally, the alleviation of jet lag. 

Traveling takes up a lot of time and it can be exhausting both mentally and physically, so IV therapy is a quick and easy way to feel better overall and give your body the nutrients it may have been lacking. Additionally, IV therapy helps your body adjust after returning home from a trip.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

Due to dehydration being a major repercussion of consistent travel, IV therapy will often include electrolytes, vitamins and amino acids that not only aid in the restoration and maintenance of hydration, but also aid in regulating a traveler’s inconsistent sleep schedule.

Ultimately, IV therapy helps strengthen your immune system and can be used before or after a trip to prevent getting sick, etc. Airports and planes are filled with pesky illnesses that you don’t want to have to deal with!

How is IV therapy administered?

IV therapy is typically administered by using a vitamin IV drip, and patients can receive a dose of these liquids in order to replenish their depleted bodies after an exhausting trip. With traveling, many travelers experience mental anguish in addition to physical exhaustion -- feelings of extreme exhaustion, anxiety and depression are not uncommon upon returning home from a trip. 

IV therapy also works to rejuvenate the amino acids that negatively affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, reducing the negative feelings and emotions that occur in the aftermath of a trip. Lastly, due to the vitamins in IV therapy, your body is able to heal and recover faster in comparison to other avenues.

Ultimately, IV therapy is extremely beneficial and helpful for avid travelers. Come chat with us at MadMed Men’s Wellness to find out if IV therapy is the right fit for you, and to all of our traveling friends: do your best to absorb the nutrients your body needs -- and stay hydrated!

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